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Art is the window to man's soul. Without it, he would never be able to see beyond his immediate world; nor could the world see the man within. - Claudia Johnson

Ah! There you are. Interested in The Pane, are you? Well then, step outside and take a short walk with me. Let’s walk down a couple blocks; it’s not too far, to that house on the corner of the street. Yes, that house, the big one, with the oddly shaped windows and the funny blue smoke coming from the back. Yes, it’s always been there. You never noticed? That’s Pane Manor, a hotbed of artistic and creative endeavor. Let’s take a closer look.

See the big plate glass front window that changes color and size? That’s the Showroom, where they display featured work. It’s usually bigger than any other window in the house and is always right up front when you stop by. If you look inside you will notice that the featured artists may change from time to time, and the display may vary in theme and genre. Sometimes you may notice several people working on a single display, each one adding a talent or skill to the finished product.

Off to the side is a window that has been broken from the inside, with shards of glass all around it. This Shattered Glass is where you’ll find content from Takk… it’s his domain. Here are art and storylines that could only emanate from such a twisted and bizarre mind. Enjoy at the peril of your sanity.

Further around this amazing house you’ll find a pristine window, exquisitely colored, with fabulous reliefs. This Stained Glass is a platform of wonderful pieces of stand-alone artwork. Many artists contribute to this window, submitting the best of their creations for display. There is no storyline here, just beautiful images showcased for your enjoyment.

’Round back is a darkly lit window, with steam and that blue smoke billowing out. There isn’t much to look at inside, just a funny little man leaning over a furnace. But take note, for that room is The Glassblower’s, and he is the owner of the Manor. See that note on the window? That’s from him, telling you what’s on his mind, what he’s working on, what amuses or amazes him. He’s the boss, and from him comes all the directions for The Pane.

Don’t walk past that next dusty window! Step back and truly look at it. It’s an old window, an archaeologist’s dream, a true Relic. Take a glance inside, what do you see? Nothing yet, eh? Well, fear not, it will soon be teeming with artwork and storylines, for The Relic is the place where all old Pane entries will be stored. The lady in there diligently labeling shelves will see to it, as she sees to organizing everything at the Manor.

As you look over the grounds out back, are you curious about that pile of stones over there by the desk? More curious as to why someone would leave a perfectly good, fully-stocked desk outside? Well that’s the beauty of Pane Manor. Write a note on the desk, attach it to a stone and throw it in that window to your right. They call that one Glass Houses, after the old saying “People who live –” Oh, you’ve heard it. Well then, anytime you feel the need to communicate with someone in Pane Manor, just come to this window and throw a stone with a message on it.

We’re rounding the other side of the house now, and we have a couple more windows to go in our tour. See that ladder against the side of the house? If you climb it, you will get to a very foggy window. If you look carefully through that Steamy Window, you will see… Wait, how old are you again? This section is strictly for adults, I’m afraid I’ll need to see some ID.

While we get that straight– get down from the ladder please! While we get that straight, direct your attention to that small insignificant-looking window on the ground level. WILL YOU PLEASE LEAVE THE LADDER ALONE!!! As I was saying, the square little window over there is one which can be easily overlooked. It contains no beautiful artwork or pictures, no smoke or steam, just words. It is The Athenaeun, or reading room, where writers of all genres and classes display their works for your entertainment.

Up on the roof you can just make out the curve of the Skylight. That window leads into a fun place… the game-room! Only you won’t find any billiards in there – these games, and the entries there, are more for games with paper and dice. It’s a fun place to be, you might want to visit often.

See that little round window at the very top of the house, tucked under the eaves? That’s the Crystal Ball, a glimpse into works under construction for the Manor. These are vignettes or sketches, not completed works, but they offer a taste of what may be to come. If you feel strongly about one of the pieces or have a suggestion, feel free to throw a stone through the Glass Houses window.

That’s the tour for now, feel free to pop back periodically as our artists and writers fill in their displays. Pretty soon there will be an open house, and if you leave your address, we will send you an invite to come check out the Manor in all its glory. Over the course of time we will be adding more windows; some permanently, some periodically, but they will all be interesting.

Me? I’m what you would call a tour guide; I don’t actually work in the Manor as much as I work outside the Manor. I’m the Window Cleaner, and I’m always here.